Charles writes stories, poetry, and economic commentary based on his experiences in relationships, the markets and other human endeavors. Money, music, and marriage are key important themes.

The Book that Kept Giving

This is the story of a young man and me connecting over a great distance. What brough us together will amaze you. I hope you’ll read our story, which has been submitted to GuidePosts Magazine.

Not Your Father's Retirement

In my portfolio managment business, I co-authored a book with Dr. David Gursky deisgned to help prepare retirees for the best years of their lfie — after work. It is available on Amazon. Check it out by clicking the icon to the right.

The Little Orange Blossum

Growing up is never easy. This story is about a little boy who learned a tough life lesson during a bitter South Florida winter.

When She Smiles

My Mother was within a 18 months of dying of ALS when I wrote this for her.  Later, I wrote her a song, just ten weeks prior to her death.  You can watch that here.

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